Meet Lefkada
Lefkada is a Greek island adrift in the azure Ionian Sea. Connected to mainland Greece by a floating bridge, Lefkas is small and easy to get to, with a string of upbeat cities and laid-back beach resorts well connected by road. Lefkas is one of the most striking Greek islands, with hilly green scenery wrapped around historic pastel-coloured towns and idyllic horseshoe bays.

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Lefkada is an unparallel destination for the lovers of sea sports. If you are one of them, put on the friskier of your moods and give in to an adrenaline party at the hot spots of the island.

Beautiful Beaches
If you're looking for a beach holiday, then Lefkada is hard to beat. The west coast is home to long stretches of sandy beach running below some impressive cliffs, while the east coast has more sheltered bays and coves.

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Explore the Underwater world
The underwater paradise world of Lefkada, offers unforgettable experiences to the lovers of diving.

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